3 Growth Scenarios Your Network Needs To Prepare For

3 Growth Scenarios Your Network Needs To Prepare For

3 Growth Scenarios Your IT Network Needs To Prepare For

Your IT network will face a number of challenges during periods when your business is gaining momentum. The most challenging growth scenarios are related to the number of users accessing your computer network, the number of devices you are connecting, and the number of customers having access to any of your IT assets.

1. Growth Requires More Networked Resources. A typical growth scenario should envisage an expansion resulting in a growing number of users and customers connecting to your networked resources. For instance, expanding your network from five to fifteen computers may look like a piece of cake; nonetheless, it will require thorough planning and implementation of an IT network that is capable to handle specific larger loads.

This may include the purchase of new networking and file servers and other hardware that can serve a growing number of network connections and simultaneous user access to different software and hardware resources. Implementation of cloud-based networking resources can be a viable solution, but when the growing number of users are accessing your IT network you will also want to have more control over them. Therefore, a wise move is to consult a reputable IT expert, like Tech Rage IT regarding the right solutions.

2. Growing Number of Devices Connected to an IT Network. The number of connected devices is another networking aspect you should envision in your growth plan. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises that adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies is growing.  And they often have trouble controlling all devices connected to their network. Each mobile device possesses some risk for your IT network; therefore, it should be managed in accordance with a thorough policy concerning acceptable usage and security practices.

A growing business that is facing a marked rise in the use of corporate or BYOD mobile devices should adopt policies that prevent unauthorized use of the corporate IT network. Even if a cloud-based solution is adopted, any mobile device used to access your corporate network should be managed using a reliable software application, through secure servers and network connections, and in accordance with strict user and access rights policy.

3. Customers Ask for More Networked Services. Your expanding business will attract a growing number of customers that will demand access to more networking and connected services like website access and online purchases, use of a mobile app or a web-based application. Managing hundreds and thousands of customers accessing your networked resources will result in a new IT network architecture, including management of online access rights and registrations.

For instance, a mobile app that is asking permissions on the customer smartphones should guarantee that the respective customer privacy rights are respected and his or her connection to your servers is secure. This can be a challenging task because there are three main mobile operating systems used by customers who make online purchases and orders.

Consult a Reputable IT Network Expert

Overall, your IT network growth plan should take into account important network expansion aspects like the growing number of user and customer connections and sessions, increasing network traffic, and comprehensive security policy to manage user rights and connected devices.

Rarely SMBs have the required resources to plan and implement such a complex IT network strategy. Network management and security policies are a challenge that requires expert knowledge and implementation of best practices. And if you want to learn more about reliable IT network solutions, contact Tech Rage IT.

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