3 Benefits Of Orlando IT Managed Services Provider

3 Benefits of an Orlando IT Managed Services Provider

For many small-and-medium-sized business owners, it may sound unrealistic to have a full-time IT employee on staff, especially if you are a startup. But without the guidance and knowledge of an IT professional, you might be setting yourself up for unnecessary costs and risks such as malware, network outages, and loss of proprietary data – all of which disrupt your business and can impact your bottom line! However, there IS a solution for SMBs looking to have a fully functioning IT department without the prohibitive costs, and it is called Managed Services. And more and more business owners are taking the outsourced IT route. Here are 3 benefits of an Orlando IT managed services provider.

24/7/365 Monitoring

An Orlando IT managed services provider has software that offers businesses the freedom to offload their IT operations. This gives the ongoing responsibility for 24/7/365 monitoring and maintaining your IT systems to experts in that industry. Small businesses need technology to work efficiently and effectively. And if you don’t have a professional keeping up with backups, security, and patches, for example, you’ll likely face an IT outage or a greater technology problem. The goal of managed services is to prevent issues from happening so you can focus on what matters most to you – your business!

Simplifying Costs

Most managed services providers (MSP) cost less than the traditional break-fix model, which is when a provider fixes problems as they creep up, as opposed to preventing them from happening.  Companies can’t afford the uncertainty of break-fix maintenance and it makes it extremely hard to budget IT costs. The beauty of remote monitoring is the fixed cost approach, which makes it easier for business owners to plan for the long term.

Preventing Turnover

If your business currently has an IT employee on staff, what would happen if they unexpectedly leave? Do you know all the passwords to your IT systems? Do you have the time to find someone qualified? And more importantly, can you afford them? Business continuity is essential to all companies and hiring an IT managed service provider can prevent the inconvenience of IT staff turnover. You won’t have to worry about losing knowledge over time due to changing employees, because your MSP will always retain processes and procedures.

The managed services IT model is a fully-outsourced, hands-off approach that is geared towards the enhancement of your company’s business model and helping your business achieve its primary targets. To learn about Tech Rage IT, and the benefits of an Orlando IT managed services provider, call us at 407-278-5664.

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