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Are you seeing red? Do you desperately need Rage Free IT? We can help you no matter the size of your company, your industry, or your role.

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Needs: Small-Business Owners need someone to relieve them of their IT management duties so they can spend their time on more important aspects of their business.

Recommended Services: Managed IT, Projects & Consulting.

Outcomes: The vast majority of our small-business clients stay with us long-term because they trust us. They trust us to manage every aspect of their business technology, so they don’t have to lift a finger and their employees never get tech rage.


Needs: IT Directors need an outsourced partner who they can trust to help them with large-scale, company-wide projects, and they often need strategic guidance like a CIO or CTO would provide.

Recommended Services: Co-Managed IT Projects & Consulting, vCIO / vCTO Service, Technology Success Advisory

Outcomes: We partner with numerous companies that are large enough to staff their own IT departments, and we help them reduce overhead costs by providing high-level expertise on an outsourced basis.


Needs: Ops Managers need IT solutions that increase productivity and take some of the day-to-day maintenance responsibilities off of their hands.

Recommended Services: Managed IT, Co-Managed IT, Projects & Consulting.

Outcomes: Operations people love working with IT experts like Tech Rage IT because they know that we’re making their lives easier, both through technology guidance and through the speedy technical support we provide.


Needs: Executive-level personnel in companies with up to 200 computer users need to know that their network is strong and secure at all times, and that they can work from anywhere at any time.

Recommended Services: Managed IT, Co-Managed IT, Projects & Consulting.

Outcomes: CEOs and other decision makers have found in Tech Rage IT a trustworthy partner that is transparent and prioritizes its partnerships with clients. Finally, they "feel the love" from their IT provider due to the clear, open lines of communication and the consistent performance of their IT.


Needs: Government Contractors need vendor-neutral hardware and software consulting and purchasing expertise for their state, county, and city projects.

Recommended Services: Government Contracting, Managed IT, Co-Managed IT, Projects and Consulting.

Outcomes: Government offices and contractors consistently meet their mandates from NIST and other public authorities, successfully navigate the procurement process, handle RFPs and bid proposals efficiently, and keep everything on time and on budget.