Managing Director Helps Build Homes during Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build Week

Oviedo, Fla., May 20, 2017 – Intersection Technology Solutions’ (dba Tech Rage IT) Managing Director, Erica Martinez-Rose helped build homes during Habitat for Humanity Seminole County & Greater Apopka’s Women Build Week. On Saturday, Martinez-Rose and her team, Out Making Rain, led by Wendy Sellers of BlackRain Partners, volunteered their time installing drywall on the 4 remaining townhomes at the Magnolia Place construction site in the City of Longwood.

How To Keep Your WiFi Network Secure

How To Keep Your WiFi Network Secure
Did you know that your WiFi network does not stop outside your office space? It can extend over 300 feet through the air and surrounding areas. And if your wireless access point is not secured, non-employees, cyber hackers and other businesses nearby can access it.

3 Tips For Transitioning to an MSP

3 Tips For Transitioning to an MSP
More and more small and mid-sized companies are realizing that transitioning to an MSP or outsourcing their IT services can be beneficial. Managed Services Providers (MSP) can handle many functions, such as application support and data center management, which in return, allows internal IT teams to concentrate more on strategic initiatives.

3 Benefits Of Orlando IT Managed Services Provider

3 Benefits of an Orlando IT Managed Services Provider
For many small-and-medium-sized business owners, it may sound unrealistic to have a full-time IT employee on staff, especially if you are a startup. But without the guidance and knowledge of an IT professional, you might be setting yourself up for unnecessary costs and risks such as malware, network outages, and loss of proprietary data – all of which disrupt your business and can impact your bottom line! However, there IS a solution for SMBs looking to have a fully functioning IT department without the prohibitive costs, and it is called Managed Services.

Is Cloud Storage a Backup Solution?

Is Cloud Storage a Backup Solution?
Millennials aren’t the only ones using online and mobile technologies. It’s very likely that every one of your employees is using a mobile device for work purposes or accessing a cloud storage to access corporate documents or emails.

3 Growth Scenarios Your Network Needs To Prepare For

3 Growth Scenarios Your IT Network Needs To Prepare For
Your IT network will face a number of challenges during periods when your business is gaining momentum. The most challenging growth scenarios are related to the number of users accessing your computer network, the number of devices you are connecting, and the number of customers having access to any of your IT assets.

Pokémon GO: A Reason To Set A BYOD Policy

The 90s are back thanks to the Pokémon GO app that has grabbed America by their smartphones. Approximately 40% of adults who have downloaded the game are in the 25-and-older category. And 63% of users in the U.S. are female. With so many adults trying to catch Pikachu, chances are you might have employees playing on a personal device used for business communication and transactions.

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Ends July 29: Should Your SMB Upgrade?

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Ends July 29: Should Your SMB Upgrade
Time is running out for small and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade. With just a few days to go, this offer is set to expire on Friday, July 29, 2016. And as an SMB owner or IT manager, ignoring to do so can be a costly mistake, (up to $199 per computer for Windows 10 Pro, to be exact!). Though Windows 10 may provide many benefits to win over end-users (such as the return of the Start menu), it’s important to note that upgrading blindly may impact your IT infrastructure negatively.