Add hours to your day with these PC hacks

Because there are only so many hours in a workday, it’s vital to make the most of your time. If distracting websites, unorganized files, and cluttered inboxes prevent you from getting work done, consider these tips to better manage your time and stay productive at work. Monitor productivity levels Start by tracking how much work […]

Boosting productivity with Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics allows managers to assess their employees’ performance using the data gathered from Office 365. Unlike past Microsoft productivity tools that showed only the user’s own information, Workplace Analytics allows both employees and managers to view each others’ performance data. How does Workplace Analytics work? A paid add-on to Office 365 enterprise plans, Workplace […]

Speed hacks to make Google Chrome faster

Is your Google Chrome browser a little slower lately? While Chrome is widely known as the browser of choice, it does have a habit of consuming a lot of system RAM. Additionally, there are times when it feels slower than before. Fortunately, these problems are simple to fix. Here are some speed hacks that will […]

Top reasons for technology business reviews

Businesses need technology to be profitable and productive. But not all technologies are capable of delivering on their perceived benefits. To make sure your investments are worth keeping, you need to perform technology business reviews. A technology business review reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s IT framework. It’s often performed by a third-party […]

Do these before buying cybersecurity software

The booming market for cybersecurity products is a sign that businesses are taking the issue seriously. But before your company invests in any product, ask yourself if it’s something you really need. Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of your cybersecurity investment. Uncover threats and vulnerabilities Every business should […]

Tech Rage IT Receives Wordmark Registration for “We Prevent Tech Rage” from USPTO

Winter Springs, Fla., January 29, 2020 – Tech Rage IT is proud to announce it was recently awarded a word mark for its signature tag line “We Prevent Tech Rage.”

“Everyone is familiar with ‘Tech Rage’ when they can not get their technology to work right,” says Erica Martinez-Rose, CEO, Tech Rage IT. “We’ve used this tag line for a while because it absolutely encompasses what we do – prevent ‘Tech Rage.

Watch Out For Valentine’s Day Cyber Threats

Watch Out For Valentine's Day Cyber Threats
Hearts, Chocolates, and Viruses? Valentine’s Day cyber threats are just as common as jewelry, dining, and gifts. February 14th is a seasonal opportunity for spammers and scammers alike to lure innocent people into opening their phishing emails or downloading infected files.

What can you do with an old PC?

If your PC has been struggling to perform all the tasks you have at hand, we completely understand why you would be itching for a new one. But even if it’s old, sluggish, and always crashing, your old desktop or laptop may still prove to be useful. Here are some things you can do with […]

3 Benefits Of An IT Managed Services Provider

3 Benefits of an IT Managed Services Provider
For many small-and-medium-sized business owners, it may sound unrealistic to have a full-time IT employee on staff, especially if you are a startup. But without the guidance and knowledge of an IT professional, you might be setting yourself up for unnecessary costs and risks such as malware, network outages, and loss of proprietary data – all of which disrupt your business and can impact your bottom line! However, there IS a solution for SMBs looking to have a fully functioning IT department without the prohibitive costs, and it is called Managed Services.