Got Technology Rage? You are not alone.

We have all be there. The computer is extremely slow and not cooperating with your deadline, an officer printer is giving error messages you don’t understand, and your email keeps crashing – and it’s only 9:30 am on Monday. That familiar feeling of anger and stress starts to kick in and you can’t help but start threatening your computer, maybe even yell a little. However, don’t worry, you aren’t crazy.

According to a new study, millions of Americans experience at least two types of technology failures a day and over 40,000 in their lifetime. And these malfunctions lead to bouts of ‘tech rage’ and ‘tech stress’.

The idea of tech rage isn’t an imaginary emotion as many people have experienced this sensation. Just like traffic can cause a driver to experience road rage, unreliable technology, faulty devices, pop-ups or password problems may trigger stress, anger or even physical effects.

Tech Rage in Numbers*

  • One in seven Americans has thrown their phone across the room in frustration after it failed to function properly.
  • Half of the 2,000 individuals in the study reported they have also yelled at a piece of technology and 16 percent have been reduced to tears.
  • Four in ten adults report stiff necks brought on by stress, one in four are plagued by achy joints and muscles and over a quarter suffer from stress-induced migraines.
  • A fifth reported arguing with partners because of technology fail and a third has been sent into stress-filled frustrations if they experienced a disturbance while streaming a movie.

To help reduce employee stress, especially when they are up against a deadline, it’s critical to have a fully functioning IT department. Managed Services helps your growing business operations to its maximum potential by proactively discovering issues before they become actual problems. And more and more business owners are taking the outsourced IT route. Contact us today and we’ll help prevent Tech Rage in the workplace.