We've found that partnering with Tech Rage IT brings a standout benefit: laser-focus attention on keeping our systems secure. They seamlessly blend a strong security mindset with a customer-friendly approach, ensuring both protection and satisfaction. Whenever we've had rare urgent needs, their quick response has been a game-changer. I'd advise anyone to go beyond basic desktop support and choose a provider like Tech Rage IT. They offer a wide range of expertise, from security training to endpoint monitoring, which are truly differentiators.

Paul S. Manufacturing Company

They boosted our uptime and security, and transformed our tech support experience

"Consolidating services with Tech Rage IT has brought significant benefits for our company especially in terms of uptime and security. They have truly elevated our IT infrastructure, providing us with a level of stability and protection we never had before.

Tech Rage IT has been very responsive to our immediate support and long term planning needs. Their team quickly addresses any issues or concerns we may have. It's a big improvement from our previous tech support provider, and we can always count on them to be there when we need them.

To anyone on the fence about choosing Tech Rage IT as their IT firm, I would say this: Make the move. Switching to them has been a great move for our business. Their focus on security and their responsiveness to our needs have significantly impacted our overall efficiency and peace of mind."

Clayton M. Manufacturing Company

They get ahead of the issue before we know about it

“There are many benefits to working with Tech Rage IT. But the most important one: we KNOW they will resolve the issue. It won't be forgotten on a ‘to-do’ list somewhere. Tech Rage IT constantly communicates with us, unlike other IT providers I have experienced. The team is always thinking about the solution, even before we know there is an issue or problem.”

Nancy A. Third Party Administration Company

They care about every IT issue

“Tech Rage IT provides our company with reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable technical support. Most problems are resolved the same or the next day. If you are looking for a team with a well-rounded knowledge base that can keep your business running because of the rapid response to issues, choose Tech Rage IT. They care about and comprehend how important every IT issue is to the success of your business.”

Tracy T. Nonprofit Company

They make us feel like a priority

“Being a small company, we run lean and don’t have time to deal with technical stuff. Tech Rage IT takes the burden off us so we can focus on what we do. It’s really nice to be able to reach out to Tech Rage IT for any issue, no matter how small rather than struggling to figure it out ourselves. They provide fast responses and are easy to get ahold of. We enjoy working with the entire staff and appreciate their professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an IT firm because they make you feel like a priority.”

Leigh K. Construction Company

They will get the work done

“Since partnering with Tech Rage IT, our technology environment has become more secure with the latest technology. Our previous provider had a problem getting things done unless I was micromanaging – which I did not want to do. Tech Rage IT demonstrates ownership of the work that they do. It’s worth the effort switching to them for IT services – you’ll be impressed.”

Scott S. Architecture Firm

The Tech Rage IT team is dedicated to the quality of service

“We have found Tech Rage IT to be a responsive provider with great follow-up. The entire team is very hardworking, ambitious, and eager for success. Most importantly, they provide an outstanding user experience from beginning to end.”

Mohamed A. Global Health and Nutrition Company

They will meet your needs

“The benefit we see of partnering with Tech Rage IT for our Managed IT Services is being able to have multiple resources at our fingertips, therefore, multiple IT issues can be handled at the same time. Tech Rage IT helps our company on multiple levels. They help us anywhere from setting up new hire computers, daily operational IT issues, and supporting IT infrastructure for implementing large scale projects.”

Veronica S. Packaging Company


Transitioning to Tech Rage IT's Managed IT services has provided me the peace of mind needed to successfully run my new business. I no longer have to worry about delays or disruptions because of their superior customer service and performance, delivered by a team of true professionals. Tech Rage IT doesn't just acknowledge issues; they solve them promptly, reducing downtime and stress. Knowing that they will take care of my tech lets me focus on what matters most: Serving my clients and earning new business. I recommend Tech Rage IT to anyone seeking to elevate or grow their business.

Karen C. Philanthropic Strategy Firm

The Tech Rage IT team is very knowledgeable

“We enlisted Tech Rage to take over a part of our IT Infrastructure and I could not be happier with the service we have received. Before Tech Rage IT, we were unsure of the best route to take on a major project. After explaining our goals and timeline, they were able to recommend a solution that fit our budget. Setup was a breeze, and we rolled out our new system way ahead of schedule. Their support staff have proven to be very knowledgeable and responsive to any post implementation issues. Highly recommend!”

Howard B. Consumer Goods Company

We can’t put a price on the good, quality work we receive

Our experience with Tech Rage IT has been extremely positive since we began using the company as our outsourced IT team. Tech Rage IT is incredibly responsive, exceeding our expectations. When we began working with Tech Rage IT, we really needed a comprehensive look at our IT systems, and the Tech Rage IT team came through for us quickly, efficiently and effectively with recommendations that made sense. I can’t put a price on good, quality work—which is what we receive from Tech Rage IT.

Domingo S. Property Management Company

They saved us money while solving our IT problems

“We were very unhappy with the fees and many issues we were having with our previous IT company. We were fortunate to be referred to Tech Rage IT and once we reached out, they were very timely and concerned with each and every issue that we had. They made it a point to go over all concerns, one by one and came up feasible solutions. They saved us money while solving our IT problems. They are very observant on the backend of issues happening and take initiative to research and suggest alternate solutions. They are a very personable, easy group to work with. The team takes full responsibility of the tasks at hand, which as a business owner is extremely important for my time management and stress levels!”

Nadine M. Medical Supply Company

They are part of our team

“We have been fortunate enough to work with Tech Rage IT for several years now. The professional and reliable services we receive are exceptional. They continually listen to our needs and are eager to assist us with reliable and quick solutions. We feel as though they are part of our team. We highly recommend them.”

Kelly P. Nonprofit Company

Tech Rage IT’s team provides responsive support

“Our former phone system was ancient, unsupported, and difficult to modify or manage. Only one person on the team ever figured it all out. Tech Rage IT helped us identify, purchase, and set up everything we needed to seamlessly transfer to our new phone system with patience and efficiency. Since signing with Tech Rage IT for VOIP telephone communication, we have the capabilities we need to address clients and donors with professionalism, even when we are offsite. With the Tech Rage IT system dashboard and the responsive support from Tech Rage IT staff, we have several people now who can change messages, add phones and pivot to the needs of our non-profit clients and donors. I recommend Tech Rage IT for this service and other tech support as well.”

Tracy T. Nonprofit Company

We are so happy with the change

“Our office and employees needed an option to work remotely and still have access to our desk phones while at our office. We had purchased VoIP phones awhile back and the company we purchased them from told us we needed a new phone system to have the remote option. Tech Rage IT came in and configured our VoIP phones to work with their dashboard while being able to use our cell phones while we worked away from the office. So far it is working wonderfully. We are so happy with the change. We highly recommend Tech Rage IT for your phone/communication needs.”

Pam B. Marketing Company

Tech Rage IT helped us out

“We had another well recognized VOIP company for our phone system. We had a huge problem that they couldn’t fix in 4 days. Tech Rage IT helped us out making the port process seamless in addition to their professionalism in explaining step by step how it works. Their phone system and features are awesome not to mention their technical support always willing to help. I would recommend Tech Rage IT to any size company who wants a reliable, professional IT company, in my case a phone system.”

Juan P. Automotive Company

Our staff is happy

“Based on the data we collected from Tech Rage IT’s Managed Voice Service, we implemented significant changes that transformed our customer-experience efforts. With the ability to monitor recorded phone conversations between our team and our customers, we identified training issues and provided additional support for our staff. Armed with statistics on peak call times and our missed call volume, we perfected our staffing schedule. Going forward, as our business expands, we’ll be able to identify whether we need to grow our call-center team in order to accommodate higher call volumes. In addition, the Managed Voice Service provided an opportunity for us to make a permanent shift to our customer-experience team working from home—a change that made our staff happy and allowed us the space to add more office-based team members.”

Tracy D. Property Management Company

Switching to Tech Rage IT was the best move

“Thank you, Tech Rage IT, for such a painless and seamless transition from my previous phone carrier to your VoIP service. It was so quick and behind the scenes, no one even noticed that we changed carriers - that was a big relief to me. Your phone service has been great: the visibility, clarity and functionality of the softphone app far exceeds my previous carrier. The best move I have made this year was switching to your service. The app is easy to use, clear as a bell and your customer service team has been helpful, while l learn to maximize all the features and functionality with my team."

Mike A. Sales Coaching Firm

I highly recommend them

“As a busy business owner focused on growing my business, taking care of my clients, and balancing personal commitments, it is imperative to have a strong customer service driven IT company on your team. This is exactly what you will get when working with Tech Rage IT. I highly recommend them!!!”

Cynthia B. Business Coaching Firm

The team goes the extra mile to help us

“There is just one thing that comes to mind to describe Tech Rage IT’s service: above and beyond. They are professional, attentive and customer service oriented. I would highly recommend this company. The team is always available to go the extra mile to help us.”

Marnie F. Daycare Company

Tech Rage IT goes above and beyond

“Tech Rage IT goes above and beyond for all my technology needs and my client’s needs. They are very easy to get a hold of and do not make me feel incompetent in our ever-changing technology world – they truly do prevent me from experiencing Tech Rage! I have worked the team for years and will continue to do so.”

Wendy S. Human Resources Company