Feature-rich, internet-based phone systems for reliable, dynamic communications with an entire team to support your business communication.

Say goodbye to the frustrations that come with a traditional landline, and say hello to Tech Rage IT’s VoIP system

No more choppy, unidimensional calling that holds back your communications and productivity. With our Managed Voice, you’ll enjoy reliable, streamlined communications from any internet-connected device, anytime, anywhere. Communicate, collaborate, and serve customers better with our 70+ features:

Auto Attendant

Unlimited AAs with a visual builder

Call Parking

Pick up a call, park it, then pick it up on a different device

Web Portal

Easy to use web portal will make managing your service a breeze

Hunt Groups

Route calls to a group of users or even their cell phones

Call Reporting

Filter by number, direction of call, and disposition

Call Recording

Record calls on-demand, always or never

Next-gen Faxing

Versatile, user-friendly faxing to and from any business that saves your resources

Voicemail to Email

Send voicemail messages straight to your inbox and play them from any device

Evolve Your Business with VoIP

Stay ahead of your competition by giving your team the ability to be productive on the road or in the office in today’s always-on, business world. Our Managed Voice lets you enjoy:

  • Scalability – always meet demand and operate efficiently
  • Increased mobility – work from anywhere, anytime
  • Cost-effectiveness – enterprise-level features at small-business prices
  • Reliability – your VoIP software will never crash, nor will there be any billing surprises

We’ll be there for your long-term success

We’ll make the transition to VoIP seamless and easy, and then host and maintain it with round-the-clock support to make sure you're always getting the most out of your new phone system. With over 70+ enterprise features, we have what you need to transform your business.