Beware Of Valentine’s Day Cyber Threats

Watch Out For Valentine's Day Cyber Threats

Hearts, Chocolates, and Viruses? Valentine’s Day cyber threats are just as common as jewelry, dining, and gifts. February 14th is a seasonal opportunity for spammers and scammers alike to lure innocent people into opening their phishing emails or downloading infected files. And, if just one user clicks on the wrong lovey-dovey message, prepare for a real heartache. Malware can infect your entire network and Internet-connected devices, almost instantly. Talk about fatal love!

Valentine's Day is here, therefore, small and medium businesses should brace themselves for possible malicious attacks. Here are a few Valentine’s Day cyber threats, and how to avoid catching a love bug!

LOVE NOTES: If you receive a romantic e-card, make sure it was sent by someone you know and trust. If it’s from a secret admirer, delete! It could be an attempt to steal your personal information or infect your computer with spyware or ransomware.

ROMANTIC MALWARE: Be careful when downloading sweet songs, Valentine’s Day Facebook profile themes or festive clip art. Hackers take advantage of your good intentions to get you to download malware. Make sure your computer is protected with antivirus/antimalware software.

I HEART ONLINE SHOPPING: Other common threats show up in your inbox as fake sites such as flower sales, jewelry replicas, and romantic dinner getaways. If the email comes with an attachment, it could be malicious. These emails persist all year long but are more frequent during special occasions. Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, skip the deal.

SWEET TALK: If you are heading to a chat room to find love online, be wary of who you are speaking to. “Flirt bots” are programs that strike up a conversation with web users and then send them links to malicious websites. The goal is to obtain passwords, logins or even infect your PC. Avoid clicking on links received via instant messages or in chat rooms.

If your office is filled with hopeless romantics, keep your IT infrastructure safe from cupid’s arrow. Consult with a managed services provider, like Tech Rage IT to keep your network safe from Valentine's Day cyber threats. Call us today: 407-278-5664.







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