Erica Martinez-Rose

Erica Martinez-Rose, She-EO


We are more than just another IT support company. Here at Tech Rage IT, we are familiar with that overwhelming feeling of stress, anger, and anxiety when technology is not functioning correctly. That is why we don’t just fix the damn computers; instead, we obsess with preventing them from breaking from the start. Technology shouldn’t give you raging headaches. And that is why we are here. We Prevent Tech Rage!


We don’t like to brag, but Tech Rage IT has the people, the culture, and the customer service to make technology less of a hassle for you. That’s because we combine teamwork, trust, and a “let’s get it done right the first time”attitude every single day.

We’re small enough to be personal and flexible, yet big enough to bring the latest tools and expertise to solve your problems. Being local means we take our commitment to each client seriously. Most importantly, Tech Rage IT’s team speaks human, not technical. We’ll make sure you understand the words coming out of our mouths, and you aren’t left seeing red.

The proof that we do what we say? Our customers stay with us, recommend us, and have allowed us to grow aggressively by wanting more of our services and shouting our awesomeness from the rooftops.

Want customer service that knows technology? Let’s start the conversation.



Tech Rage IT is owned and operated by our founders Erica Martinez-Rose and Matt Rose. Together they have built an award-winning company that is looking to redefine the way businesses use technology to fuel their growth.

Erica Martinez-Rose, She-EO

Erica Martinez-Rose co-founded Tech Rage IT in 2015 after experiencing her own episodes of technology rage thanks to just plain bad IT Support. She was committed to stop the madness and help small businesses thrive with sanity-saving and surprisingly good IT support. As CEO, Erica is responsible for creating and implementing Tech Rage IT’s company vision, culture and overall direction of the company, which includes finance, personnel, goals and strategies, brand development, special events, marketing and more.

Matt Rose, Chief Experience Officer

Matt Rose is not only the co-founder and director of technology solutions at Tech Rage IT, but he is also a published author. With more than 20 years’ experience in information technology, Matt is the IT guy you can easily talk to and understand. He provides the technical direction for the company by aligning itself with trends and appropriate solutions. Matt is also responsible for growing the organization and better position the company as an industry leader. Matt’s first book, Kiss Tech Rage IT, is an anecdotal guide to lessons learned on why technology may not be working properly and helping to debunk IT misconceptions. He has worn many hats in the IT field, from consultant to virtual Chief Information Officer, and has worked for small to mid-sized businesses to Global 2000 companies.



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